I’m Anna…

Quirky. Fun-loving. Kind. Bubbly. These are words my friends and family have described me and who am I to disagree?

I am a recent college graduate going into social media marketing and strategic communications. I enjoy long walks along the Netflix, love dogs (cats aren’t so bad either), and easily gets lost while reading books (I tend to not look up).

Alright, some of that might not have been a perfect description–but, I do dedicate myself to what I am passionate about and know the value of context in certain situations.

I enjoy helping others learn, and maybe someday I’ll become a teacher and lose a bet to my sister. Until then, I enjoy connecting with others to spread new ideas, innovations, and information.


For more information about my background, check out the about page. There you will also find contact info, as well as on my resume.


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Monitoring Conversations (Psst-Don’t Do What Pepsi Did)

So, in case you haven’t seen the Pepsi ad from a week ago, you can watch it here. It loosely followed trending topics in their appeal to a millennial audience with images depicting protest marches and a soundtrack that attempts to empower listeners. However, the ad hit a tsunami of push back as the political ad made it … Continue reading Monitoring Conversations (Psst-Don’t Do What Pepsi Did)

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