What is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is a social media management platform. You can stream different feeds from your social accounts, like, comment, share, or save posts from people, keywords, or locations you follow. I love it! I use it for work and my personal accounts because you can use it for free. The paid/”Pro” version has a lot more features such as campaigns, analytics, and more social accounts per profile, but the free version it still awesome. Plus, if you really need more than three accounts per profile, you can create a new profile with a different email–simple!

I found out about Hootsuite through my cousin, who mentioned it since she knew I was doing social media stuff. However, I am now taking a class where we had to get certified for the platform and I love it even more. Even though I am currently still a student and can’t afford the paid version yet, I can wait until I can so I can create campaigns and have better analytics (because analytics are everything when it comes to anything being successful in social).

The Hootsuite academy has free tutorials on how to use the site and helpful tips covering everything social can be found on their blog on Social Media Marketing. The also have a mobile app and a chrome plugin that makes it easy to post an article to your social feeds anytime, anywhere.

The ONLY downside I have found (even for the free version) is that Instgram still doesn’t play nice with third-party platforms. Meaning–you still can’t post directly to Instagram from Hootsuite. You can schedule posts and draft them on Hootsuite, but Hootsuite will send a reminder to the mobile app to post on Instagram from your phone. Psst! @instagram –let people post from desktop so we don’t have to use our personal phones to download and post all our work images, please!

I recommend you at least check out Hootsuite. It is intuitive with the layout, you can schedule your posts, post the same message to multiple platforms, and monitor several accounts in the same place without having to go into each native platform. You can even follow RSS feed from your favorite blogs so you have content you can curate for your social posts! Please, for your own sake–check out Hootsuite. Then, follow me on social and my blog. 😉



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