3 Steps Towards Better Phone Pics

If you go somewhere and all you have is your phone to take pictures but they all turned out to be blurry or hard to crop to share, you might be frustrated, disappointed, or disheartened at how poorly your phone’s camera performed. Well, there are some easy tips to make your photos amazing with your phone, no matter the camera app.

Step 1: Clean Your Lens

The most common reason for blurry and out of focus pictures in a phone are because of a dirty lens. It can leave little dust spots, make the whole image dull or foggy, and limit your phone’s ability to focus on the subject of your photo.

Especially since we touch our phones throughout the day, it makes sense that they get dirty really easily. The good news is that most of the dirt is likely just dust and fingerprints that can be wiped off with a t-shirt.

You can use any soft cloth to wipe away any dust or fingerprints from the lens of the camera, on both sides. You should also wipe your screen off so you can tell if a spot in the photo is still from the lens or just a dirty screen.

Step 2: Turn Your Phone Horizontal

You can take a great photo in portrait mode (tall and skinny), but it will make it hard to crop into a normal landscape mode (short and wide) for printing, sharing on social media, or saving as a screensaver. Most photos are viewed in a landscape or widescreen mode (both print and online), meaning you will lose a lot of your image if you have to crop it to the right proportions.

I know taking portrait pictures is intuitive since that is how we hold our phones. However, landscape mode is actually easier if you need to crop the image, it gives you more room to work with when deleting unwanted background. Even if you know it will be viewed on a phone, the landscape mode is still the most flattering way to go. The only exception to the horizontal tip is if the subject of your photo is tall and skinny, where you might want to emphasize the portrait proportions.

Step 3: Taking Different Perspectives

If you are in charge of taking photos of an event or vacation on your phone, you want to make sure that all of your photos don’t look the same–you don’t want to waste your time taking boring photos. You want to have variety in your photos so you don’t lose interest when showing them off to your friends and family.

When you’re taking photos, instead of just taking photos of what you see, take photos of what other people see. Use different perspectives to create visual appeal. For example, if there are kids at the event, take photos from their angle; or take photos with different backgrounds, emotions, and people while on vacation. The more angles and perspectives you can take through your camera, the more variety you will have in your photos to work with and choose from.


So there you have it–three easy tips to taking better photos with your phone. These should take you less that a second to implement, which means you won’t miss those important moments.

If you still want more tips on how to control your phone’s camera or how to create different effects from your phone, I recommend searching for photography guides, like the links below, or watching tutorials on your specific camera app. Good luck with your photos!

Additional Sources

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