Creative Posts-A Disney Example

March is crazy busy, as usual. So I unfortunately did not get this post uploaded when I meant to last week, so the “few days ago” is actually more like a week and a half ago. Fear not–this video still is helpful!

I decided to look at some creative posts I saw on social media that worked well for their perspective accounts. I chose to look at Disney accounts because I am a Disney fan, but also because they have a great variety in types of personas and social media posts that it wasn’t hard to find something interesting.

For people who have to manage an account for work, or anybody who wants to make sure they stay in touch with their followers, it’s important to be creative and engaging. I know I struggle with coming up with content sometimes, so I look at who I’m following already to get ideas. For me, Disney accounts are a great source of inspiration–which I would like to share with you. Watch the video for a in-depth look at three accounts that made me stop and be inspired.

If you’re a Disney fan, geek out with me in the comments! Or if you have any questions or want to give me a review of what, I guess you could also leave a comment–that works too. You can also follow me on my social accounts, @HoovannaInsight. 🙂


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