Who am I?

Anna HooverI am a marketing coordinator with a strong interest in social media and graphic design. Currently, I am a marketing assistant at the Majestic View Nature Center.

Studying at Colorado State University has given me a lot of memorable experiences over the past several years. These experiences and my passions have led me to where I am as a communication major with a minor in science and technical communications.

In all my work I am passionate about the environment education and participating in the arts. I strive to create awareness and engage action towards sustainability.

Personally, I am passionate about creativity and making customer experiences feel magical. Working at the Denver Zoo for several years, interacting with guests in a variety of situations, has allowed for development of my performance skills to elevate my customer service abilities. Handling any situation with customers and clients to facilitate effective communication and positive results is a proud skill of mine.

As an artistic soul, I enjoy designing, creating mixed media art and learning new tools to create things from my imagination. I have developed my art to where it is now by experimenting and and taking risks, the results inspire me to find new ideas and keep creating new art.



(720) 347-7828