Monitoring Conversations (Psst-Don’t Do What Pepsi Did)

So, in case you haven't seen the Pepsi ad from a week ago, you can watch it here. It loosely followed trending topics in their appeal to a millennial audience with images depicting protest marches and a soundtrack that attempts to empower listeners. However, the ad hit a tsunami of push back as the political ad made it … Continue reading Monitoring Conversations (Psst-Don’t Do What Pepsi Did)


Creative Posts-A Disney Example

March is crazy busy, as usual. So I unfortunately did not get this post uploaded when I meant to last week, so the "few days ago" is actually more like a week and a half ago. Fear not--this video still is helpful! I decided to look at some creative posts I saw on social … Continue reading Creative Posts-A Disney Example

STEPS-How To Make Your Social Content Go Viral If you manage a social media account, or if you have friends that love online attention, this might sound familiar, "let's make this go viral" (or some variation of that statement) in reference to a social media post you're about to make. Well, if you've been on social media a while now, then you might … Continue reading STEPS-How To Make Your Social Content Go Viral

3 Steps Towards Better Phone Pics If you go somewhere and all you have is your phone to take pictures but they all turned out to be blurry or hard to crop to share, you might be frustrated, disappointed, or disheartened at how poorly your phone's camera performed. Well, there are some easy tips to make your photos amazing with your phone, … Continue reading 3 Steps Towards Better Phone Pics

What is Hootsuite? Hootsuite is a social media management platform. You can stream different feeds from your social accounts, like, comment, share, or save posts from people, keywords, or locations you follow. I love it! I use it for work and my personal accounts because you can use it for free. The paid/"Pro" version has a lot … Continue reading What is Hootsuite?

Articles by Anna

I write the Nightlife blog for the Rocky Mountain Collegian and I cover just about anything--events, restaurants, date night ideas, and reviews for the students of Colorado State University (or really anyone who lives near Fort Collins, CO). My boyfriend and I have a blast checking out all the places and getting to share our … Continue reading Articles by Anna